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Tifosi Rossoneri, Tifosi Milanisti.
ACM: Where the sexy men play ♥
16.11.10 @ 05:13 pm - 55 icons.
hercules : meg
1-55 AC Milan
56-60 FC Bayern Munchen
61-65 AS Roma


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Ajax 1-1 AC Milan
PhotobucketEl Hamdouni , PhotobucketIbrahimovic

Milan: Abbiati; Zambrotta [Photobucket], Nesta, Thiago Silva, Antonini [Photobucket]; Gattuso [Photobucket], Pirlo, Flamini [Photobucket] (Prince); Seedorf; Robinho [Photobucket] (Inzaghi), Ibrahimovic

Ajax: Stekelenburg; Van Der Wiel, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Anita (Sulejmani); Enoh [Photobucket], S De Jong, De Zeeuw; Suarez, El Hamdaoui, Emanuelson

Well, that was unpleasant: it was a fun first half, but draining in the second. It was as if Allegri begged them to keep it a draw, as Ajax were great to watch. Robinho was nonexistent. Pippo came in late (and got an offside 10 seconds later, was lolastic). And I don't know about you guys, but I get extra scared when Rino is captain. Real Madrid won their game 1-0, so Milan now stands with only 4 points below Real. Next game will be against Real, so yay and all 8'D

The Random Ibra Report: Ibra was giddy in the media/press area and actually gave a pleasant interview to my channel. Is very, very happy with the goal and thanks Seedorf for it. Was all GRINGRIN and >:D. He might have even thanked the reporter and excused himself 'cause he's busy and stuff lmao you guys idk, whatever that was about.
20.09.10 @ 08:10 pm - 20 Milan icons
hercules : meg
1-20 A.C. Milan
21-40 FC Bayern München
41-50 Ruud Van Nistelrooy


HERE @heureux_hasard
17.09.10 @ 10:28 pm(no subject)
hercules : meg
1-30 A.C. Milan
31-50 True Blood


HERE @heureux_hasard
02.09.10 @ 04:54 pm - Four of a Kind, Wallpaper
smile, maldini
:::::: PREVIEW ::::::


 Hopefully, a winning hand :)
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